Self-Tan Application Mitt

KOURTNEY recommends that you use the self-tan application mitt for optimal results. It ensures the perfect application of all kinds of self-tanner products.

  • It can be used repeatedly.
  • Washable – rinse with water (no soap) and leave it to dry.
  • It is pleasantly soft and easy to use.




You can apply the KOURTNEY self-tan product directly to the tanning mitt and then gently apply it to your body with circular motions. Use the self-tanner thoroughly on areas with wrinkles, such as next to your eyes and neck.

The KOURTNEY tanning mitt is pleasantly soft, easy to use, and washable to be used repeatedly – the tanning mitt produces the perfect application! It works with all KOURTNEY self-tan products, gives an even and beautiful result, and protects your hands